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If you’re reading this, chances are you already understand the basics of patriarchy, feminism and toxic masculinity.

You get it, at least theoretically, that patriarchy is damaging not only for women and non-binary people, but that it also harms men+. This harm shows up by limiting what’s acceptable behavior for men+, their capacity for emotions, nurturance, and self-expression. That’s the theory, anyway.

But how do you stop simply theorizing and begin to put that theory into practice? What would it look like to make a commitment to unlearning your own patriarchal patterning?

How do men+ begin to get free, so that we can all be free?

What is this course? 

Undoing Patriarchy is an 8-week course to learn specific practices for undoing your own internalized patriarchal conditioning.

You’ll work with a group of other men+ in a structured way to break down some of the biggest stumbling blocks for people trying unlearn their patriarchal habits. Utilizing lecture, discussion, and experiential learning, it’s one part academic class, one part support group, and one part daily-life crash course in undoing deep-seated patriarchal conditioning.

The course will cover communication, intimacy, leadership, nurturance, vulnerability, and criticism, among other things. Undoing Patriarchy is intended as a continuing exploration of these topics, not an end point or a merit badge.

How does it work?

We meet every week for 90 minutes. We alternate every other week between lecture sessions and discussion sessions. Each lecture session will introduce one tenet of patriarchal conditioning, establish what it looks like when it’s showing up in a harmful way, and explore how we might shift it towards healthier alternatives. You’ll get homework assignments to explore in real life through writing, conversation and real-life application. There will be time for Q+A.

Discussion sessions are dedicated to conversation and reflection on the previous week’s topic. These sessions are intended to deepen relationships and build connections that will hopefully extend beyond the length of the course. We’ll share our experiences and struggles, and give and receive support.

Who is it for?

This class is designed for men+.

What do I mean by men+? This language is meant to include interested cisgender men, transmen, assigned-male non-binary folks, and anyone else who is interested in undoing the internalized patriarchal conditioning meant to benefit them.

Because patriarchy doesn’t stand alone in the systems of oppression we live within, we’ll be addressing the ways race, class, sexuality and gender identity intersect with patriarchy. This course is open to people of all races and sexual orientations.

Who are you?

My name is Bear Hebert, and I’m a life coach, artist and activist. I’ve been thinking about and working against patriarchy arguably for my whole life but certainly for the past fifteen years. I’m a white, queer, working-class, genderqueer woman. (They/them pronouns for me, please.) I was born and raised in south Louisiana and I’ve lived in New Orleans since 2004. I have a background in feminist and LGBTQ activism and anti-racist cultural organizing.

Why are you teaching this?

I’m teaching this course because through my relationships with men+ I’ve dated and been friends with, I’ve seen the ways that internalized, unconscious patriarchal conditioning holds men back from intimacy, vulnerability, and connection. Patriarchy gives men+ privilege, but it strips them of their humanity as well. I’m invested in helping men+ do the work to unlearn these unconscious patterns because I believe this work is essential for the liberation of all people.

When is it?

The next round of the course begins in September 2019. Exact dates TBA.

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