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“This course pointed out to me the importance of daily, personal, messy, scary and embarrassing work to undo patriarchy. Before this course I felt daunted at formulating specific tools, habits and approaches to this very personal work. After having gone through [Undoing Patriarchy], I feel much more clear on what I personally need to work on and some specific ways to do that. I have way more tools and clearer concepts to do this work now. It doesn't make the work itself easier but I can see better in this metaphorical cave with all these candles around, and I think it needs some cleaning actually.”

-J.R. Hankins, Server & Musician

“All of my supposed intellectual understanding of patriarchy’s influence was shown clearly lacking in how hard the personal investigation aspects of the course were for me.  "Knowing" a thing to be real and truly getting the way I am limited in my emotional skills was eye opening. Actually examining the emotional work I need to do to has helped create a greater awareness and hopefully a sharper focus on the ways I enact patriarchy in my life and relationships. I am still in the early process of seeing these things before they occur, and hoping to catch it more often before others have to.”  

-m. heil

I loved how much of the course was focused on our personal / interpersonal practices. That stuff was the most impactful, thought-provoking, and difficult parts of the course! Many concepts are easier said than done. Not just that dismantling systemic patriarchy takes more effort than theory... but that even if I recognize my own needs/boundaries/feelings, it can very difficult to voice/share/honor them. Being vulnerable is hard as f*ck!!

Overall I loved the course! Bear organized it so thoughtfully and intelligently -- it really helped me connect the dots on concepts of societal norms, personal emotions, boundaries, expectations, consent, and needs. All it was all done very non-judgmentally, with just as much focus on personal growth as there was on intellectual learning. The work starts from home!”

-Bob Weisz, videomaker

[My biggest insight was] how much work I have to do;  how easy it has been to let myself not do that work; how much i want to deepen the relationships with the men in my life.”

-Anonymous student

“[This course] made so many things which seemed abstract feel very immediate and practical. [My biggest insights were] just how pervasive it all is. How shallow my ACTUAL commitment to changing things is. How much toxic masculinity rests on self interest and comfort. How the work moving forward needs to involve a lot of self-resourcing to equip myself against a tendency to avoid. I foresee this course echoing for my whole life.

-Jonah Quinn, aspiring therapist