I’m Bear Hebert, countercultural life coach, social justice educator, and radical business consultant. I help socially conscious artists, activists and small-business owners align their work with their values.

In my coaching and teaching, I apply a feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist lens. I aim to situate our personal actualization within a systemic context that accounts for the intersections of privilege and oppression. Through writing and workshops, I'm actively building glitter-crusted bridges towards justice and equity.

I'm queer, white and Southern; Scorpio sun, Sagittarius rising; Myers-Briggs ENTJ.  I’m born and raised in south Louisiana. I’ve lived in New Orleans since 2004. They/them pronouns for me, please!

It sometimes seems impossible to change our tender and brutal world, but when I work with my students and clients, I get to participate in creating the world as I wish it were: loving, equitable, and aiming towards justice.

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